Six fashion documentaries made to inspire

A cultural trip to fashion capitals such as Milan or Paris can, every so often, just be the same as a binge-trip to several of today’s acclaimed fashion documentaries. There is no more excuse not to swot up on your fashion knowledge with just a click away online.

From stringent deadlines down to the personal lives of the people who kept the sewing machines spinning, the following films provide us with a shot of insight and reality as they take us behind the curtains of seemingly impenetrable fashion empires.

Photo Credit: The September Issue

The September Issue

If you have ever think, for a moment, just how much visible Miranda Priestley from The Devil Wears Prada is in this industry, you are not mistaken. She is Anna Wintour, personified, and filmmaker R.J. Cutler offers us a quite good reason. The September Issue gives us an unparalleled access to the center-of-action as editor-in-chief Wintour reels us to the highs and lows of the prodigious preparations needed to produce the autumn issue of American Vogue.

Bill Cunningham New York

More than creative expression, people dress up to be seen and to be immortalized in the clothes they wear. The late style chronicler and photographer, Bill Cunningham, did not disappoint them. The Richard Press documentary puts us in Cunningham’s shoes onto his trademark bicycle, camera, and eye for the best-dressed in the city that he owned, New York. This is proof that real fashion does not end on the runway, but out in the streets.

Dior and I

An ordinary creative director would have to work on a six to eight months time frame to piece together a haute couture collection, but Raf Simons is no ordinary director. With only eight short weeks to create an entire collection for Paris’ high fashion luminary, Simons’ ruminative creative process and grit to preserve the name of Christian Dior in the limelight tender us with an ultimate glimpse at the inner workings of the said fashion house in this Frédéric Tcheng documentary—from meeting the seamstresses and tailors to the collection debut itself and everything in between.

Alexa Chung’s Future of Fashion

Fashion is set to live for a very long time, and you may say that sewing garments are not the only reason. British Vogue has combined forces with writer, host, model, and author Alexa Chung to give us an in-depth insight to the business aspect that keeps the fashion industry afloat. It offers creative enthusiasts a myriad of roles and tips on tailoring their names in the industry. Never has it been easier to gain a pioneering access to a once intimidating domain in this documentary series.

The True Cost

The runway is not the only thing fashion could kill. The True Cost is the chilling plot in itself—the environmental trace that negatively impacts the planet and the unethical factory conditions that take away lives and dreams of workers are what consumers pay up for the price of factory-made, mass-produced garments to big-profit companies. Stripped of the usual glamour and outward frivolity of the industry, filmmaker Andrew Morgan did not fail in making us question our consumption all in the name of fashion.

House of Z

Just as the fairytale allure fashion designer Zac Posen presents to the runway and red carpet, the same can be said about his own personal life from his epic crash-and-burn to his now transpiring comeback. Director Sandy Chronopoulos’ House of Z portrays Posen as the candid artist everyone comes back to love.

Featured Image Dior and I